Our son Maxton was diagnosed with left-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) at his 19 week ultrasound. Maxton was born on 3/3/09 at Vanderbilt University. He fought hard for 18 days but earned his wings on 3/21/09. Maxton was an inspiration to many during his brief time on earth and has forever changed our lives. If your child is diagnosed with CDH, please feel free to contact us. Maxton may no longer live here on earth, but he will live forever in our hearts...

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick Update

I was so scared that the chest tube would cause an episode and Maxton's settings would have to be increased. Luckily, that has not been the case thus far. This morning his oxygen was down to 62 and the vent setting is now down to 39 from 49. :-) I am so happy my little Hoss is hanging in there. I know he is fighting so hard and am hoping he has another day with some baby steps forward.


Jaime's World said...

What wonderful news! We're praying for Maxton's quick trip to stabilization!
I hope you are all getting the rest that you need and deserve.
Here's to a more good news ahead!

Tracy Meats said...

Keep fighting Maxton! Many prayers for a "Good" day. Glad to see the chest tube is helping. Maxton is one strong little boy.

Hugs, Tracy Meats - mom to Ian

Donna said...

One baby step at a time. ;-)

We are all praying and sending positive thoughts to Maxton and family.

He is one tough little guy.

Union County Surgery

jkt1331 said...

keep fighting little man! we are still thinking of you and praying for your sweet boy.
Joanne and John Michael R-CDH 3/11/07

Sky + Carla said...

Those are GREAT news :) Keep fighting Maxton!!!

Feel free to email me at if you want to talk or have any questions.

~ Carla - Joseph's mom (2.3.09 - 2.26.09)

Rachel said...

That is good to hear. Many prayers for a "Good day". Here's to more good news ahead. Love ya.

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

That's fantastic news! Way to go Maxton! Positive thoughts are being sent your way that Maxton continues to improve.

Alina, Ingrid & Alex

Liz and Shane said...

Great news! Maxton you are an amazing baby, keep fighting! You are in our prayers.

Fer said...

I keep praying for Maxton.