Our son Maxton was diagnosed with left-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) at his 19 week ultrasound. Maxton was born on 3/3/09 at Vanderbilt University. He fought hard for 18 days but earned his wings on 3/21/09. Maxton was an inspiration to many during his brief time on earth and has forever changed our lives. If your child is diagnosed with CDH, please feel free to contact us. Maxton may no longer live here on earth, but he will live forever in our hearts...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chest Tube

About 10 minutes after leaving the hospital (and making sure with the nurse that there hadnt been any talks of chest tubes lately) we got a call from a surgeon saying they were putting in a chest tube. Things really do change minute from minute. After about an hour we got a call saying that it had gone well and they were waiting for the chest Xray to confirm correct placement, but that Maxton had tolerated it very well. I asked about his settings and it sounded like everything was kept the same, so I was very pleased with that. The procedure took about 10 minutes and seemed to go perfectly. Little man is SOOO strong and I am so very proud. He continues to amaze me everyday.

I heard in rounds this morning that they are using him as one of their case studies. I think he has the doctors a bit baffled. :-) The RN said this today "No offense, but Max is one weird little guy". I think God sent him here to challenge those doctors and I am glad he is teaching them too. I hope all is well with everyone. As always, thanks for checking and praying/thinking of us!!!


lilmiss35 said...

I am praying for ALL of you guys! Wish I could talk to you but I know you are crazy busy and need rest when not at the hospital. I keep up to date through Maxton's blog and through my fam....through your fam. :) I can't wait to see your little man. He is amazing!!!

Rachel said...

Ashley, we are praying for all of you guys and we love you so much. I wish I could talk to you but I know you need your rest. We keep up to date through Rhonda and Aunt Donna. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love ya.

Rhonda in KY said...

I only tell you this because I want to make you smile...

I love Maxton so much and I haven't even met him yet. He has given me so many new ways to aggravate his Papaw. The old enough to be a grandpa was fun. Now I can say Maxton gets his weirdness from him. :)

On a more serious note. I am glad the reports have been better lately and sincerely hope the trend continues.

Love & prayers to all of you. <3

Elizabeth said...

Nothing wrong with being a bit weird - it is these "cases" that challenge that may lead to new and inovative treatments - that may lead to? All from a bitty babe!

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and sending Sir Max Lung Function chants,