Our son Maxton was diagnosed with left-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) at his 19 week ultrasound. Maxton was born on 3/3/09 at Vanderbilt University. He fought hard for 18 days but earned his wings on 3/21/09. Maxton was an inspiration to many during his brief time on earth and has forever changed our lives. If your child is diagnosed with CDH, please feel free to contact us. Maxton may no longer live here on earth, but he will live forever in our hearts...

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Projects Galore!

Finally, my bracelets have come in!!! I think I said I would be selling them for $5 dollars before, but I have since decided on $3!!! The money will be used to fund Maxton's Memorable Moments. I have redisgned what will be sent, so click on the blue butterfly in the top right corner to check it out! Thanks.

I am also going to be working with Parker Reese Foundation. Parker would have been 3 years old today, so please keep her fantastic parents, Ashley and Jessica in your thoughts today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER!!! Currently, Parker Reese Foundation has a fundraising project going now as well. They are asking for $16 which will sponsor a night at their house for a CDH family. I know several families who have stayed at Parker's House. This home is near Duke and lets families of CDH babies stay there for free for initial care and all follow up appointments. The Foundation also does other wonderful things for CDH families and sent us a beautiful arrangement at Maxton's service. For your $16 donation, you will receive a stylish t-shirt to help make others aware of CDH and it's devastating effects on families. To order a shirt, please contact me!

The last project to mention is letters for CDH. We are all going to be mailing our blue envelopes on July 15th to Ellen Show. We will also be sending emails to Oprah. For more information on this, click on the blue envelope in the right corner of the page. :-) Thanks guys. I know I ask alot, but this can be your way to help out a very worthy cause.


Ashley said...

Hey! I'll take 5 bracelets. Let me know how much the shipping will be so I can send you a check!

Michael and Elizabeth Reeve said...

Wow - you're such a star - I love those bracelets. Can I have 5 as well please. Again let me know how much P&P is and I can send a check or transfer via paypal.

On another note I wanted to thank you for your constant support. You're a CDH star!!

With Love

Beth xxx

Marion said...


I want two braclts. Let me know How much I owe you for hte braclets. I have been thinking of you constantly. This weeked os going to be so hard.

Love you,

Stephanie said...


I'll take two bracelets too. They are adorable. Send me an email to let me know how much we owe you!

You've been busy! That's so great! Thinking of you always!


Ashworth Family said...

Hey! We'd love 5 bracelets. Let us know where to send a check and what the cost is with shipping. You're awesome.

Baby K Mama said...

I am so sorry for what you have to go thru- especially with mother's day. Just know what you did as a mother for Maxton was probably the best thing a mom could have done for their baby in this situation. You are a mother- you carried him for 9mo. and cherished him for 18 days. If there is anything I can ever do for you- please let me know, but please always feel like a mother! (a great one at that!)