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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Glucose Test, BPPs, and NST's... Oh My!

So I went in yesterday for my glucose test. I decided that maybe if I got there a little early I could get out in time to beat traffic going back across town. I got my drink (which actually was really good- fruit punch) and drank it. About an hour later I still hadn't seen the doctor so they told me to go ahead and go to another building where their lab is and then come back. All in all, I was at the doctor for about 2 hours. I didn't find out the results from my glucose test ( I thought I would so maybe on Monday?). They also checked me for anemia at my PCPs request. I have been very, abnormally tired lately. I know I am pregnant but I get so tired so fast. On a good note my blood pressure was normal.

While meeting with the doctor he talked with me about doing BPPs, which are biophysical profile's. Apparently the high risk OB wrote in her note that I would be doing them once a week. He asked me when my first one was scheduled and I told him I had no idea what he was talking about, as no one had spoken to me about BPPs. After re reading the note it said something about him doing the BPPs. So, starting the week after Chrsitmas (I told them I couldn't start next week because of work) I will be going in for BPPs once a week.

Basically, A BPP will measure the babies heart rate, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid. The NST (nonstress test) is part of this that does electronic fetal heart monitoring. To be honest, I am not sure if there is a difference between BPP and NST but he mentioned both- so there ya go.

I am worried about work and trying to get to all of these appointments but still completing everything that I have to do. Hopefully things will fall into place. For those not aware, I work with mentally ill people doing case management. I go to there homes and basically perform assessments or assist them with needs (like shopping, going to the bank, finding housing). It can be pretty stressful at times. I am supposed to see my clients twice per month and right now I have over 50 (though they do reduce down to 40 people to measure if I am meeting my stats). It will be hard missing work to go to the tests and I will probably have to work extra hard and late to complete everything. I am also worried about going on bedrest at some point. I am concerned that if my amniotic fluid is already starting to get high then I need to be taking it easy. I am going to try to...hopefully the first BPP will show the fluid is better.

I am apparently also starting to swell. Right now I guess I am not that swollen but earlier this week I must have been. I say this because I lost 6-7 pounds from Wed morning to Friday morning. I asked the doctor about this and he said not to be worried. So, I guess I am not.


Amy AKA "Baba" said...

Wow, it seems like time is flying by and Maxton will be here before you know it.

All the appointments can be daunting. My BPP's and NST usually only lasted 10 minutes - in and out. I also swelled terribly with my first pregnancy, oh so much fun.

Have a peaceful Holiday. We will be thinking of you guys and Maxton.

Jonathan and Sarah said...

It's surreal reading your blog... yes NST are pretty quick, mine normally took 20 minutes though only because my little guy wouldn't cooperate sometimes. But oh the amniotic fluid! I was way up with that, I know that can cause some pain too. We are praying for you & Baby Maxton!

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

I remember going twice a week to my NST appts. They are usually pretty quick. I was swollen and I was fine but my feet were like sausages. I wore flip flops the entire time. I hope your swollen goes down. My fluid was as high as 44 it came down two weeks before i got induced. I hope your fluid remains at a good level.

Marion said...

I am thinking about you and Maxton. I am currently going weekly for the monitoring on Addison and going biweekly to my normal OB. It is really hard to jugle work and all the extra appointments. GooD luck!

Don said...

Just a note to let you know that many of us are following your journey. I am the grandfather (Papa Don) of Olivia Bassett, born 11/21/08 with severe LCDH. Her twin brother, Maon, is doing great. We have linked to your site with the hope of expanding your support network.

Olivia is scheduled for repair surgery today, so please keep her in your prayers.

Merry Christmas and my Best Wishes for you all.

Papa Don

Tracy Meats said...

I hope the glucose test comes back fine. Many continued prayers for little Maxton.

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born with a LCDH on 4/3/04 and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

PALS said...

How much is the glucose test cost? I think i got a Diabetes Problem.. I kept on eating but still losing weight.